Penny Blood: Hellbound

Created by Double Kickstarter

Welcome to the Penny Blood: Hellbound pre-order store! You can pre-order Penny Blood: Hellbound as well as some premium rewards here. Everyone who pre-orders or purchases via the Backerkit store receives the limited edition Closed Beta Backer Emblem. If you have purchased something from the Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood Kickstarter or Backerkit Pre-order store you are eligible for a discount so please choose the “Backer Discount” version. If this is your first time purchasing anything related to Armed Fantasia or Penny Blood, please choose the “New backer” option or you can visit the original Double Kickstarter Backerkit Pre-order store here. If you back a game there you are eligible for the Pre-exisitng Backer discount. Please visit the Closed Beta Google Form in-game to provide feedback and help us make the best game possible. Penny Blood: Hellbound features: ・Play as the Hellhounders - the rival group of baddies that try to thwart Matthew and friends at their every turn in Penny Blood. ・Roguelike gameplay where each run provides a plethora of unlocks, power-ups, and new skills as you march forward towards the final confrontation. ・The Malice System where the more blood you spill, the more currency you earn for unlocks ・Blood spilt also allows for better mobility via "bloodsurfing" where you can unleash stronger momentum-based attacks and skill-based upgrades ・Strategize your run well by choosing the best pair of Hellhounders out of a total 6 selectable characters that you can swap between in real-time ・Music by Yoshitaka Hirota with guest composer Noriyuki Iwadare of Lunar and Grandia fame ... ようこそ、「PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND」予約ストアへ!ここでは、「PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND」と、プレミアムリワードの予約ができます。バッカーキットから予約、または購入された皆様には、バッカー向けベータ版の限定エンブレムをプレゼントいたします。また、すでに「ARMED FANTASIA」と「PENNY BLOOD」のダブルキックスターターやバッカーキット予約ストアにて購入済みのものがある方には、割引特典が適用されますので、予約時に「Backer Discount」版の選択をお願いいたします。今回が「ARMED FANTASIA」または「PENNY BLOOD」関連で初めてのお買い物の皆様は、「New backer」を選んでいただきますようお願いいたします。また、ダブルキックスターターのバッカーキット予約ストアでどちらかのタイトルをご購入されましたら、割引が適用されます。是非、限定ベータ版Google Formにてフィードバックをご提供いただき、ベストなゲームを作れるよう力を貸していただけると幸いです。 ダブルキックスターターバッカーキットストア: PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUNDの要素 ・『PENNY BLOOD』でマシューとその仲間たちの行く手を阻もうとする敵の悪党集団、ヘルハウンダーズとしてプレイ。 ・最終決戦に向けて前進するたびに、解放要素、パワーアップ、新しいスキルの数々が手に入るローグライクゲーム。 ・血を流せば流すほど、アンロックのための通貨が増える「マリスシステム」。 ・勢いをつけた強力な攻撃やスキルのアップグレードを可能にする「ブラッドサーフィン」で機動性のアップも、血を流すことで可能。 ・リアルタイムで入れ替え可能な6人のヘルハウンダーズから、最適なペアを選択し、お好きな戦略で出陣。 ・作曲は弘田佳孝、ゲストコンポーザーとして『LUNAR ザ・シルバースター』や『グランディア』で有名な岩垂徳行も参加。

Latest Updates from Our Project:

April 2024 Update
16 days ago – Fri, Apr 05, 2024 at 04:07:07 AM


Hello JRPG Fans! 

Spring is finally here. Great weather, beautiful cherry blossoms, and some awesome JRPGs being released as well. 

Campaign Updates

Discord Roles

As mentioned in previous updates, we are working through any customer service requests that come in to [email protected] and providing roles for mismatched survey responses or capitalization issues. You should be seeing more and more people with these roles and soon we'll be creating a specific channel for both backers and premium backers to communicate in. 

Penny Blood: Hellbound Review

If you are new to Penny Blood: Hellbound and purchased it via Early Access, we would love to see your review! Good or bad, this helps other gamers read whether it's the right type of game for them or not. So far 100% of reviewers liked the game but there is still a long way to go and more content to add. As always, any feedback in the discord channel is helpful as well!

Discord Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations once again to the latest winner of last month’s Discord photo contest, The #EcstasyRush Challenge, @Yojimbo, who received a special #EcstaticEveryday Discord role and Icon as a prize!

Next Upcoming Discord Game 

A ton of creative ideas were raised back in December when we asked Discord fans what kind of activities they’d like to see, which helped pave the way for our monthly photo contests. This month however, we’ll be switching things up with another request from the fans–a puzzle-based game to unlock some special art from the game! More information to come later on this month.

Development Updates


April is here! This month’s update is brought to you by Sekiya.

ARMED FANTASIA April 2024 Project News

Hello. I’m Sekiya, the director of Armed Fantasia. We’re past the Spring Equinox, and it’s still cold, but suddenly the cherry blossom trees nearby have started blooming, and now it feels almost hot. The temperature differences have been really crazy lately.

Speaking of crazy temperature differences, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire was released. Since the Japanese subtitle is “Frozen Summer,” a senseless thought crossed my mind: “Since it’s set in summer, why don’t they just release it in summer?” I also thought that a movie where the Ghostbusters run around seems to fit New York better than Oklahoma.

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?
In Londenium, you would call not the Ghostbusters, but the Order of the Sacred Key.

Therefore, in this month’s update, I’d like to reveal a little bit more about the Order of the Sacred Key, since it has very deep ties to the story and worldbuilding of Armed Fantasia.

Overview of the Order of the Sacred Key

In the ever-spreading wilderness of Londenium, all communities that were once called nations have disappeared. Instead, people huddle together in villages and do their best to live day by day while facing the threats of the harsh environment, the Anomalies disasters that frequent it, and the incurable disease known as wilderness syndrome.

In a world where lawlessness prevails and people can devolve into beasts at the drop of a hat, the Order of the Sacred Key exists as a governing body that strives to bring order, infrastructure, and daily security to the world.

The Order was supposedly established nearly 1000 years ago, and worships as its symbol the "and it worships as its symbol the Holy Maiden of the Blade who is said to have saved mankind from the threat of the "white darkness." Although the Order is technically a church, it contains next to no religious elements, and the people of Londenium don't particularly consider it an object of worship. The Order simply exists to teach people the skills and knowledge they need to survive in the wilderness.

As the words engraved on its emblem suggest, they believe humanity is the key to the future of mankind. Thus, they have not flinched from donning iron and shedding blood in order to raise the flag of their ideals, embodying love, courage, and hope as they remain focused on their practices.

Currently, the Order has become such an integral part of the people's lives that they would not be able to make a living without its help. This is why the Order is sometimes referred to as the "World Management Organization."

Structure of the Order of the Sacred Key

The Order dispatches necessary personnel from its home base, the Sacred Citadel, and maintains administration and security in districts that have been divided up based on existing settlements.

In some districts, the Order is fully in charge of all operations, while others have their own leaders who govern themselves with assistance from the church, such as one that contains an arena where spectators delight in watching bloody duels.

The former case is the norm for comparatively new settlements that were formed from groups of drifters, such as Lostave, Ingram's hometown.

The head of each district is named the "district sage" and receives special consideration from members of the Order.

The highest authority in the Order who leads the gurus is the “Pope”...but this seat has currently been vacant for a long time, and actual commands are instead issued by the “cardinals”.

Agnija Hagentaph, the leader of the Order staff and church knights, is in charge of the future development of Londenium. He is an "average person", but also a man of action with the ability to make decisions, and never shirks from leading the knights when the unexpected occurs.

The Order’s Roles: Anomalies Disaster Relief

The most important mission of the Order is to provide relief for Anomalies disasters. The Order maintains a large army of knights and dispatches combat-trained church knights to each district.

These church knights patrol the areas they're assigned to and take the initiative in protecting people in the event of a Anomalies appearance.

In addition, Pathfinder Guilds and ARM Shops sponsored by the Order and run by their employees have been set up in each district. These facilities support Pathfinders in a variety of ways, such as providing intel on kaiju and selling/providing ARMs to those who have been approved by the Order, and also paying out rewards to those who exterminate Anomalies. 

The Order’s Roles: ARM R&D

As the years go by, Anomalies mate, adapt to their environments, and become more powerful. To counter these threats, the Order also aims to strengthen the ARMs used by church knights and Pathfinders.

The ARM development bureau of the church continually develops additional modules and new versions based on the battle data they collect in order to keep evolving ARMs and discovering more effective ways to exterminate Anomalies.

The Order’s Roles: Ruins Exploration and Management

As ruins from prehistoric civilization are scattered throughout Londenium, every now and then someone may unexpectedly come across over-technology that has been lost in modern times or dangerous ancient alchemy that is beyond human control.

One of the duties of Order employees is to discover these dangerous ruins in cooperation with Pathfinders. When particularly dangerous relics are found, the relevant sites are sealed off with a designated Order seal. Managing such things so that they do not fall into the hands of unknowing people is yet another important role of the Order.

In addition, the Order has proactively gathered talented experts from around the world to form a research team that researches technology obtained from the ruins and feeds it back into infrastructure and ARMs. The restoration and further development of civilization is always on their mind.

Types of Order Employees

To facilitate the administration in each district, the Order maintains a large number of employees, including clerks and technicians, who support people's lives with their respective skills.

In addition, there are different ranks and types of church knights with differing missions who represent the Order's military presence. The "Knight Commander" leads the church knights. Alicia's father once held this position, but has since retired. "Standard knights" are the most common, and are dispatched to various districts under commands to carry out specific duties. After passing a promotion examination, a standard knight can become an "elite knight" and earn the right to act alone and command a platoon, enabling them to carry out their duties in a more spontaneous manner. "Special duty knights" wear red surcoats and are assigned special missions removed from the general chain of command.

A male Order employee, characterized by his long robes. In addition to managing facilities related to the Order, he uses his expertise to protect the Order knights on the homefront during operations.

A female elite knight. They have a wide range of knowledge and leadership skills as unit leaders. It’s difficult to become an elite knight unless you’re skilled at using a particular type of ARM.

A special duty male knight. Since they rarely participate in operational activities with ordinary Order knights, the nature of their work is shrouded in mystery.

That concludes this month’s update.
Next month’s update will be released during Japan’s Golden Week holiday.



Penny Blood Project Diary

Good evening, everyone.

One month has passed since the March update, and it has been a very eventful month for me. Unfortunately, most of those events were very sad. In March, we lost several well-respected creators and artists, beginning with Akira Toriyama and Mutsumi Inomata, two of the world's leading creative standard-bearers who represent Japan. We also said farewell to Minori Terada, the talented voice actor who played Muska in Castle in the Sky, and TARAKO, who charmed families around the nation by playing the main character of the Chibi Maruko-chan TV show.

I was greatly influenced by them from an early age. I always looked up to them, and they assisted me in my drive to want to become a creator myself in the future. There are also many other members involved in the Penny Blood project who have had their sensibilities stimulated by these figures, so I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere condolences. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the many accomplishments they have left behind.

I hope you will understand that I have specifically chosen to use this space to express my feelings instead of my SNS account in order to convey my feelings to people who love creative works not only in Japan but also around the world.

Regarding the progress of the Penny Blood project, I would like to talk about Penny Blood: Hellbound again this month.  The game has evolved from closed beta to early access, and more and more content is being added to the game. Recently, the production side of the game has also been undergoing a lot of polishing, and I’ve been supervising storyboards among other things.

The storyboards are really interesting, so I suddenly got an idea. “Hey, we should feature these in the updates!” But then I realized, “Oh, there’s one particular scene in the ending that spoils a lot,” and sort of wrestled with myself. I’ll try to pick out what’s okay to show you all and feature it in the next update, so please hold on for a bit. Also, as a continuation of last week, we’ll be revealing the rest of the trihedral figures for the Hellhounders along with the Ivory Warlock, one of the bosses they face.

…That concludes this month’s update.
See you all next month!

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Hirota-san

Good evening, everyone.

A bright, cheerful spring has already arrived in the town where I live, and some days feel like it’s already summer, which makes me wish I could experience a bit more of the change from season to season. As an example, I just went outside in light clothes, but today I feel cold. The temperature difference is really extreme, so please take care of yourselves.

Now for Penny Blood: Hellbound sound update. In March, we completed our second voice recording session. All the voice talent’s performances went far beyond the expectations of myself as well as the development team’s, and there were several lines that were so well done that it became quite hard for us to choose an “OK” take. On top of that, some of the VAs even decided to do a few more takes on top of those, which were all also amazing in their own ways. Overall, it was a truly exquisite recording session.

Witnessing the moments when characters are brought to life is a truly mystical experience filled with surprises. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the voice talent agency for their amazing casting and to the voice talent who read through the material, dove into their roles, and did thorough preparation for the performance.

After the session, I made various adjustments to the voice recordings in order to prepare them for implementation.

When the VAs speak, sometimes sounds such as "pa" or "chi" create lip noise, and their throats can also make sounds that sound a bit like "koh" when they pronounce things in certain ways. These are all minute noises that are created naturally due to the way the human body works, and it's the engineer's job to check for these sorts of noises throughout the performances. If necessary, they'll edit the files and erase the noises, or ask the VAs to do another take if it's impossible to remove the noises.

The VAs all do their best to make sure these noises don't appear, but as long as the noises don't get in the way of the acting, or when they actually end up contributing to the human or monster-like atmosphere that we're going for, I accept the files as-is.

I check the file IDs one by one to make sure they're correct, cut out any unnecessary blank spaces, then unify the overall volume and quality. Finally, I consult with the planner and add special effects that are necessary for specific characters until the files are finally polished like jewels and ready for implementation.

Once the files are all in the right spots, as designated by when the characters are supposed to say certain lines, I deliver the files and implementation is completed. After that, a final stage of adjustment is done on the overall balance of music, sound effects, and voice tracks, and then the voice work is complete. The road to 'completion' in this part of the job is a very long and harrowing journey.

I hope you’ll enjoy the lively voices of all the characters once our work is done!





以前お知らせしたように、[email protected] に寄せられた不一致のアンケート回答やユーザー名の大文字小文字問題などのカスタマーサービスのリクエストに対応し、順次ディスコードのロールを提供しています。


PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUNDのアーリーアクセス版を購入された方、ぜひレビューをお寄せください!個人的な評価を是非他のユーザーの方々に共有してください。今のところ、100%のレビュアーがポジティブなものになっていますが、まだまだ先は長く、大型アップデートを準備を続けています。Discordチャンネルでのフィードバックも大歓迎です!






Armed Fantasia


『ARMED FANTASIA』2024年4月プロジェクト月報

『ARMED FANTASIA』のディレクター、関谷です。




というわけで今回は『ARMED FANTASIA』の物語や世界観に深く関わってくる「聖鍵教会」についての設定を、以前公開した情報からもう少し詳しくお伝えしていこうと思います。





































『PENNY BLOOD』プロジェクト日記



私は幼い頃から多大な影響を受けて育ち、将来は自分も創作にたずさわるクリエイターになりたいと思う切っ掛けを与えてくれた憧れの方々でした。このPENNY BLOOD プロジェクトに参加しているスタッフの中にも感性を刺激されたメンバーは少なくありません。この場をかりて、改めてご冥福をお祈り申し上げます。そして、多くの業績を残してくださったことに感謝を捧げます。


PENNY BLOOD プロジェクトの進捗についてですが、今回もPENNY BLOOD:HellBound についてお話したいと思います。


この絵コンテ面白いから、せっかくだしアップデートに載せるか! と前のめりなった瞬間、あっ、エンディングのワンシーンでめちゃくちゃネタバレになるからNGか! と一人相撲をしている状態です。出して良さそうな物を見繕い、次回のアップデートでお届けしますのでもう少しお待ちください。今回は前回に引き続き、残りのヘルハウンダーズと最初に対決する強敵アイヴォリーの三面図を掲載します。



町田 松三




さてPENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUNDのサウンドについてですが、三月は第2回目のボイス収録がありました。









Late Feb/Early March 2024 Update!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2024 at 02:03:16 AM

Campaign Update

Our Sincerest Condolences

Many of you may have seen the news but we lost a true JRPG hero earlier in the month. Yoshitaka Murayama of the Genso Suikoden and Eiyuden Chronicle series has passed away. We were so fortunate to have him on the closing stream. He was a big personality with great stories to tell. We will miss him and send our deepest condolences to the team at Rabbit and Bear.

Penny Blood Hellbound Early Access

Penny Blood Hellbound will officially enter Early Access on March 7th at 6PM JPN time. It has a host of new content, art, music, added stability, bug fixes, and more. If you purchased it via the Closed Beta Backer discount you'll be able to play right away. If you are new to the game, the Early Access version is priced at $20 USD but that price will increase once we get to the full release. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated via the official Discord.

Penny Blood Hellbound Early Access Save System

In order to ensure the highest save stability we needed to rebuild the save architecture for future improvements. This unfortunately means that save data from the closed beta will be unusable in the Early Access version but this should be the only time we need to do a save data wipe for any future version. We know losing save progress can be frustrating but hopefully with all the new changes to the core game loop it will still feel like a fresh experience.


You have probably seen a lot more people on Discord with their various roles. If you have not received yours, please send us a message at [email protected]. There is a good chance that how the survey was answered is causing the bot not to assign your role properly so we can do this manually on our end. Please send us your Backer number and discord ID and we'll get you sorted. 

Quick Call-out

An indie RPG called Bestiario has been doing quite well on Kickstarter. It's reached its last days so we wanted to give it a quick shout-out. The creators are huge fans of JRPGs so let’s support their passion!

Development Updates

Armed Fantasia

It’s March. The weather is gradually getting warmer, but people’s hay fever is also getting more intense as well. We’re currently in a season where you kind of want to go outside but also kind of don’t. How are you all faring? Today’s report is coming to you courtesy of our chief director Ishii.

Armed Fantasia March 2024 Project Report

Hello, Ishii here to bring you all this month’s report. As Sekiya described in last month’s update, we’ll be deciding on a theme and bringing you content focused around that each month going forward. This month’s theme is: sound effects! I’m not part of the team that creates the sound effects, but I’ll be talking about what goes into ordering them.

How Sound Effects are Created

Usually, we start creating sound effects for games once the visual assets such as art and motions are well along in production. I think the overall process may differ a bit depending on the studio, but it generally goes like this: the person making the order describes their requests, then the composers create the sound effects while looking at the art and animations. After that, the sound effects are implemented, a check is done to see if they match with the overall image, then fixes are made if necessary.

Describing the requests is a pretty difficult step. No matter how accurately you think you’ve described the sound effect in text, that alone will not be enough to net you the sound effect you’re imagining. Therefore, we also send over existing sounds for the composer to use as a reference, or translate the text into common language that will help the person making the order and the composer share a unified vision.

Kaneko is the one making the orders for sound effects for Armed Fantasia, and when we first asked him what sort of direction he’d prefer for the sounds this time around, he replied: “buppigan”. But the other person didn’t really understand, so he laughed while talking about how hard it was to explain what he meant. It’s true that it may only make sense to a certain generation.

On the other hand, if you manage to get your image across, the composer will usually be able to think up a sound effect that matches what you were imagining to a surprising degree. And even if the sound effects don’t end up matching what he imagined 100%, as long as it doesn’t sound unpleasant, Kaneko enjoys hearing the composer’s own interpretation as a sort of chemical reaction that happens throughout the process. “It’s easy to find someone who agrees with what you think doesn’t taste good, but everyone has a different idea of what tastes good, and those sorts of opinions can end up broadening your horizons.”

Sound Effect for this Gun ARM’s normal attack

The sound effect for this gun ARM normal attack has been completed, so we’ll introduce it here.

It may sound pretty different from the normal sort of “bang!” sound you’d expect a gun to make, but the gun ARMs that appear in Armed Fantasia actually don’t fire out magic. Instead, the Lacrima Drives that serve as the engines for each ARM cover actual bullets with converted ether energy, then fire them out using gunpowder and a firing mechanism that’s no different from an actual gun. As you can hear, the sound effect combines the mechanical noise of brandishing the gun along with the energy-laced bullet being fired.

Menu-related Sound Effects

Aside from the battle-related sound effects like the one we just showed you, sound effects for cutscenes and menu screens are also being worked on. There are a lot of scenes in which the sound effects serve very important roles, and you can especially see each composer’s unique characteristics shine when it comes to cursor noises and confirm/cancel noises where there aren’t any actual tools or action being shown on the screen.

And so, a lot of hard work is going into the sound effects for the menu screens in Armed Fantasia, with the goal of creating sounds that make the menus feel good to use. Of course, as we just explained, sharing a unified vision of what “feels good to use” means is a pretty difficult step.

Kaneko-san and Environmental Sounds

Changing topics a bit, the environmental sounds such as wind blowing and rivers running are also treated as sound effects. Kaneko is very particular about music-related direction, and this includes environmental sounds and other sound effects as well, so there are a lot of things he does on purpose in order to make the story more dramatic.

For example, with a previous game he worked on where you ride dragons, there was a scene where a new character appears at the end of a dungeon. And so, instead of randomly connecting the dungeon music to the event scene music (which had a completely different melody) where the new character would appear, he had the dungeon music fade out, then created a pause where environmental sounds of wind blowing through the mountain could be heard. This gave the event scene music and the appearance of the new character much more impact, making the scene much more exciting.

As you can see, environmental sounds can end up being much more useful than simply adding sounds to the environment, so they’re worth putting care into.

In Conclusion

Sound effects production always ends up falling into the lower half of production, and is prone to various schedule conflicts. Thanks to the composers fighting bravely within the limited timeframes they’re given, the world of the game can end up becoming two or three times more appealing than it would have otherwise been.

At a previous job I once heard that there used to be some really harsh schedules where the director would spend a week lodging together with the composer in order to create all the sounds. Of course, this is something that happened decades ago, so the statute of limitations has run out.

Sound effects end up being more memorable than you may imagine, and I’m sure there are some sound effects in anime and TV shows where just hearing them will make you think “Ah, I know where that’s from!”

We’re working hard to create memorable sound effects like those for Armed Fantasia as well.

That concludes this month’s update. See you next month!



PENNY BLOOD Project Diary

Good evening, everyone. Just the other day it felt pretty warm, but the cold is back again. The weather continues to be very unstable, but I’m starting to feel like Spring is truly on its way now. Despite what I just wrote, however, it’s still extremely cold up here in Bandai, Niigata, so I’ve bought a bunch of snacks and holed myself up in my home.

Now, let’s begin this month’s Penny Blood project update.

We’re continuing talks with publishers for the main game, but there haven’t been any reports yet, so this month I’d like to talk about the early access version of Penny Blood Hellbound that was released on February 26.

It’s been powered up quite a bit since the beta version. According to Furukawa, the director, they’ve taken care to make a lot of detailed gameplay adjustments, and are working hard to increase the quality of design-related elements as well. While they weren’t able to implement 100% of the feedback they received, they are taking everyone’s opinions seriously as they work hard to refine the game, and I for one find them to be highly dependable. The Early Access version is out now, so please give it a try if you’re interested.

That concludes our progress report, but when I asked Kato-san if she had any art to share this month, she suggested revealing the trihedral figures she created for Clara, the main character of Hellbound, as well as Axeman, and Dr. Eugene. Unlike the characters of Penny Blood, the ones in Hellbound are squished ‘chibi’ style characters, but Axeman still emits a dark, outlaw aura, while Dr. Eugene still feels like a psychotic mad scientist. Personally, I love characters that are this size.

…That’s it for this month’s update! I’ve been writing this text while eating some oden and drinking sake, and I have to say, nothing feels better than drinking some Shimeharitsuru sake while thinking about Spring in the northern lands.

See you all next month.

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Hirota-san

Good evening, everyone.

Whenever I get close to a deadline, I tend to remain shut up in my office, so I've been going on walks in the morning and evening in order to revitalize my brain. Lately, perhaps because Spring is near, really strong winds coming from the South have almost knocked me over.

For a while, I was working exclusively on things for the Early Access version of Penny Blood: Hellbound. We've added a lot more sound effects compared to the Beta, but there are still a lot of things missing or still in temporary states, so I want to keep adding a lot of new sounds.

I've been composing a lot of music and new songs as well. The combat is the main focus of this game, so I've worked hard on the battle music while considering where the battles are happening, the situations, the enemy characters, etc. Of course, I also keep in mind what sort of melody the battle music in the previous area had in order to select the right 'playlist' like a DJ while keeping in mind the feelings of the players and overall flow of the game.

The music featured in the new area added in Early Access has already gotten pretty intense, so I'm sort of worried as to whether I'll be able to compose an even more intense song for the next area, or whether some sort of 'intensity inflation' will occur. Still, instead of holding back and composing a song similar to what I did for the initial stage, I think it'll be better if I just charge forward and try to develop a new frontier of intensity for the sake of the main game as well.

There are still some instruments I want to add to the songs that were revealed this time around, so I intend to update them in the future. I hope you can still enjoy those tracks as they are now, knowing that you'll only be able to hear them for a limited time.

In March, we'll be doing our second round of voice recordings. I hope you're all excited to hear the new characters' voices.

I'm going to do my best to keep charging forward and deliver to you the best sounds possible, so please keep cheering me on!





『PENNY BLOOD HELLBOUND』 アーリーアクセス配信について

『PENNY BLOOD HELLBOUND』は、日本時間の3月7日午後6時に正式にアーリーアクセスを開始します。新コンテンツ、アート、音楽、安全性やバグフィックスなど、内容が盛り沢山です。クローズドベータバッカー割引で購入された方は、もうすでにプレイしていただけます。アーリーアクセス版の価格は20ドルですが、フルリリースになると価格はさらに上がりますのでご了承ください。これまで通り、どんなフィードバックも大歓迎です!Discordで感想を是非教えてください。

『PENNY BLOOD HELLBOUND』アーリーアクセスのセーブデータに関して



ディスコードで様々なロールを持つ人を見かけることが多くなりました。もしまだ受け取っていない場合は、[email protected] までメールをお願いいたします。サーベイが適切な回答になっておらず、ボットがあなたのロールを正しく認識できていない可能性が高いので、ご連絡いただいた方々には私たちが手動で割り当てます。あなたのバッカー番号とディスコードIDをお送りください。






『ARMED FANTASIA』2024年3月プロジェクト月報








『ARMED FANTASIA』の効果音の指示出しは金子がしているのですが、





かといって、『ARMED FANTASIA』に登場する銃型ARMが発射するモノは、魔法の力でもありません。






『ARMED FANTASIA』のメニューまわりの効果音も鋭意制作中なのですが、












『ARMED FANTASIA』でも皆さんの記憶にずっと残るような




『PENNY BLOOD』プロジェクト日記



それでは、今回のPENNY BLOOD プロジェクトの進捗報告をさせていただきます。

PENNY BLOOD 本編に関してはパブリッシャー候補様とのやりとりは継続中ではあるもののとくにご報告することが無いため、先日、2月26日に公開された HellBound アーリーアクセス版についてお話したいと思います。


進捗報告はそんな感じなんですが、アートから何か掲載できるものは無いか加藤さんと検討したところ、今回は HellBound の主人公であるクララ、アックスマン、Dr.オーゲンの三人のモデル製作用の三面図を出すことにしました。PB本編のキャラとは違うギュッとした可愛いデフォルメキャラたちですが、ダークでアウトロー、さらにはマッドでサイコな雰囲気を醸し出しています。町田も個人的にこのぐらいの等身のキャラは大好きです。




町田 松三




ここしばらく、PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUNDのアーリーアクセス版の為の作業にかかりきりでした。効果音はベータ版に比べるとだいぶ追加できましたが、まだまだ足りないところや仮で実装してもらっている音がたくさんあるので、新規サウンドをどんどん増やしていきたいと思っています。







February 2024 Update!
3 months ago – Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 05:02:31 AM

Hey, JRPG Fans!

Hopefully only one last month of cold before we can get ready for our favorite season - cherry blossoms in late March. 

Campaign Information

Discord roles finally rolling out! 

You may have seen some individuals getting their discord roles. We apologize this took so long but security was important. If you input your discord name incorrectly or are still using the old naming system, the bot won't be able to correctly identify you. We'll be running the bot script once a week so if you need support on getting your role assigned, send us an E-mail at [email protected] with your backer number and discord name and we'll get you set up. 

Preparing for Hellbound early access

We've mentioned this on the various social media accounts but we have now ended the Closed Beta for Hellbound. We have a ton of useful feedback and are parsing through all the data received via the Googleforms and Discord comments. The goal will be to fix any major bugs, adjust some of the core gameplay and metaloop and add in a couple of new systems we've been thinking about. The goal is to release early access during the last week of February. It will feature the following:

・Area 3 added with new enemies, a new boss, and new music from Yoshitaka Hirota

・Axeman as a playable character

・New Dungeon NPCs that battle with you during your run

・2 new systems: emblems and organ grinding

・50 achievements

・1 new shops and upgraded versions of old shops

・Voices no longer linked to your text language (play the English version with Japanese voices and vice versa)

・Updated tutorials and tool tips

・Metaloop and timing adjustments based on Closed Beta Feedback

・Bug Fixes

As mentioned before, those who purchased the game during the Closed Beta period will be able to play the Early Access build once it's available on February 26th. 

Fastest Run and Giveaway Contest Results

Congratulations to Mattremy and ArctheLadder who won the giveaway and fastest run contest respectively. We'll be reaching out to both of you in the new future to confirm your shipping information for the signature boards!

Development Updates


Today’s report is coming to you from Sekiya. Starting this year, the timing of these reports has shifted a bit, and we’ll be surprising you at the beginning of each month from now on.

Today (or after today, on the 3rd) is the “setsubun” event in Japan. It’s a traditional event that has existed since long ago where people spread beans around to cast out evil and invite in good fortune, but I’m not sure how many people actually still practice it to this day. For me, it’s just become a day where I buy beans at the convenience store and eat a number equal to my current age. We might be in trouble if the demons decide to get serious.

Oh yeah, and is the 14th Valentine’s Day? I forgot that was a thing. If you aren’t careful with how you celebrate, the murderer Harry Warden will come back, right? And beans don’t work against that demon…

Armed Fantasia February 2024 Project News

Due to effects from the end of the year holiday, we don’t have any outstanding reports to make in any section this month. The content of our project updates is starting to look very similar as a result, so from this point on when we don’t have any big topic to emphasize, we’re going to pick some sort of theme to focus on instead.

And so, since we just got balance models turned in from the modeling team for Soleil and her pet (?) Strisch, we’d like to introduce them this time around. We’re also going to reveal information on Soleil that’s safe to reveal at this stage.

Soleil Balance Model

▲Soleil’s setting art

▲Soleil’s balance models, coat version and inner clothing version

The first step in creating a 3D character that can be mobile in-game is creating balance models based on the character design. It may seem simple, since details such as eyes haven’t been added yet, but we use this stage to check and examine the overall balance, the form of the parts, and the consistency when the model actually moves.

As textures and shaders are applied, we modify and brush up the model, so the finished product ends up looking completely different.

Due to Soleil's long hair and bulky, complicated jacket, several of the parts interfered with each other when she was turned into a model, so the design apparently became rather challenging.

Since player characters can change ARMs in ARMED FANTASIA, their models are being created under more delicate constraints than you may be imagining.

Strisch’s Balance Model

▲Strisch’s setting art
Image text translation: He’s wearing a jacket, and the bottom right shows the size difference between the two.

▲Strisch’s balance models

These are the balance models for Strisch, who is always with Soleil. As mentioned earlier, Strisch is also Soleil’s first gadget, but Strisch also assists her in battle as well.

Strisch will be just as active as the player characters themselves when it  comes to the event scenes, field exploration, and battles in the game, so Strisch also requires just as much attention as Soleil, albeit in a different way.

About Soleil

We’ve released some fragmentary information on her so far, but Soleil is a character with a ninja motif. However, this is solely a motif. In ARMED FANTASIA, Soleil comes from a clan of kaiju extermination specialists known as ‘tomashi.’ 

The need for kaiju exterminators has declined due to the spread of ARMs across Londenium, so they’ve become obsolete. Midst this, Soleil continues to travel as a Pathfinder and meets up with Ingram and his gang, but we’ll keep the details of their story secret for now.

Her initial ARM is a fist-type, and she excels in close combat and physical skills, but can also use tomashi-specific skills as well. At 14 years old, Soleil is the youngest and shortest in the party, but should be quite useful in battle.

She isn’t very talkative, and may come off as introverted, but is actually pretty tough.

When she finds it difficult to describe something, she often uses Strisch like a ventriloquist's puppet to speak for her, and can be pretty harsh at times…especially toward Euclid.

She carries sweets with her as rations, and has a pretty big appetite as she’s still growing.

About Strisch

Strisch is a small animal (least weasel, or Mustela nivalis) that Soleil keeps with her. Strisch is a rare breed of animal for Londenium, and cannot communicate with humans like a certain wind mouse can, but Strisch is still pretty intelligent. Strisch can also dexterously use tools and pull off combo attacks with Soleil in battle.

Strisch’s fluffy, cute appearance earns curious glances from Euclid, an animal lover, but apparently Strisch isn’t very fond of Euclid.

Incidentally, when Soleil translates what Strisch is saying, she uses “Ore” in Japanese, a traditionally male pronoun. In other words, Strisch is a boy!

That concludes this month’s report.
It’s still cold out there, so please take care of yourselves.



PENNY BLOOD Project Diary

Everyone, be sure to keep the oni out and let the good fortune in!

It felt like New Year’s was only yesterday, yet setsubun is already here. This year, I’d like to put on some sort of demon (oni) mask and run around my house. February also has Valentine’s Day, so it’s truly a season in which we can all experience youthful romance. (staring off into the distance)

Now, for this month’s Penny Blood project report.

Thanks to everyone’s support, Penny Blood: Hellbound’s closed beta test ended on 1/31. We’re really grateful to everyone who took the time to play the game. We’ve been going through all the feedback you sent to us, and the development team is working hard to power up the content of the game. All of that along with brand new content will be released in the Early Access version, so we hope you’re looking forward to it.

This month, I’m also proud to release some new art from the main game.

First, we have the Twoheaded Pig (temporary name). While the closed beta test for the companion game Penny Blood: Hellbound was running, and I was working long and hard on the structure for the main game, I wanted a normal monster that’d be easy to use in various places, so I had Hanya-san design this monster. It’s been designed in a way that’ll make it easy to recolor it and modify its model a bit. The story behind this monster is that it was a livestock pig artificially modified due to the food shortages that ensued after the end of World War I. Among the other gross, horror-style monsters in the game, I want to make it a cute-grotesque monster that goes ‘oiiiink, oiiiink’ and does charming motions.

The other image is the Altar of Kalingsum. Out of all the dungeons that Matthew visits in Penny Blood, this will be the most important and most dangerous one. When Watanabe-san was drawing this, I had him include special elements such as the gravestones, otherworldly sky, and the large mirror floating in the air.

Depending on what angle you look at the mirrors from, they will depict truth and lies, Matthew himself and his enemies, the past and the present, hope and despair…there will be much to see in all of them. Up until now, I have always depicted my main characters’ mental struggles alongside the stories in my games, and the same will be true for Penny Blood. I’m going to work hard from here on out to make them as dramatic as possible.

…That concludes this month’s update. This is the coldest season out of the year, so please take care of yourselves and stay in good health.

See you all next month.

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Hirota-san

Good evening, everyone. I feel like January 1st was just yesterday, but it’s already February now, isn’t it?

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Penny Blood: Hellbound closed beta test. There were a lot of sound-related things that I wasn’t able to finish or implement in time, but I’m working my hardest to get things prepared for the Early Access release.

For a while now, I’ve been working on the boss themes for the different areas. I’m planning on playing a lot of different instruments for the recordings. Original stringed instruments, basses, guitars, cellos, flutes, percussion instruments, etc.

Bass is an instrument that I especially love and have played a lot throughout my life, so it’s the most helpful in terms of breathing vitality into my music. During recordings, I always play it with the same amount of energy that I release during my live performances.

Penny Blood: Hellbound doesn’t have as much dramatic sound direction as RPGs do, so I feel like that means we need to put a lot of dramatic elements into the battle music. With the battle theme for the first area, I focused on using it as a way to draw people into the world of Penny Blood: Hellbound, putting emphasis on the initial coloring and the image that I wanted people to first get into their heads. The songs for further areas will have a lot of transitions within them and are currently turning into even more interesting pieces.

Up to this point, I had to do a lot of managerial things and ‘top-down’ work such as sound direction, but from this point on, I’ll be able to lose myself simply in composing for a while. I feel like after looking at the entire thing from a telescope and sketching, I’ve switched over to a magnifying glass now.

In any case, I’m now at the point where I can truly shine as a composer, so I’m going to do my best to keep creating great songs.

I’m looking forward to talking with you all whenever I do another composing broadcast. Please stay warm and make sure you don’t catch a cold.







無事にDiscordのロールは取得できたでしょうか。セキュリティが重要だったので、付与までに時間がかかったことをお詫びいたします。もし自分のDiscordのユーザー名を間違って入力したり、サーベイに返答した以外のユーザー名をまだ使っていたりすると、ボットはあなたを正しく識別することができませんのでご注意ください。ロールの割り当てについてサポートが必要な方は、バッカー番号とDiscordのユーザー名を明記の上、[email protected] 宛にメールをお送りください。なお、ボットスクリプトは1週間に1回実行される予定です。付与をお待ちください。


様々なソーシャルメディアアカウントでお伝えしてきたとおり、「PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND」のクローズドベータテストが終了しました。GoogleフォームやDiscordのコメントを通じたくさんの有益なフィードバックをいただき、現在そのすべてのデータを解析しているところです。目標は、大きなバグを修正し、コアゲームプレイとメタルループの一部を調整し、私たちが考えていたいくつかの新しいシステムを追加し、2月26日にアーリーアクセスをリリースすることです。その特徴は以下のとおり:


















『ARMED FANTASIA』2024年2月プロジェクト月報









ARMの持ち替え都合もあるので『ARMED FANTASIA』のプレイヤーキャラクターは







『ARMED FANTASIA』では「討魔師」と呼称される、カイジュウ退治のスペシャリストと位置付けられる一族の出身です。












『PENNY BLOOD』プロジェクト日記

みなさん、鬼はそと! 福はうち!


それでは、今回のPENNY BLOOD プロジェクトの進捗報告をさせていただきます。

おかげさまで PENNY BLOOD:HellBound クローズドβは1/31 を持ちましてプレイ期間が終了しました。遊んでくださった方々、本当にありがとうございました。皆様から数多くよせられたフィードバックを精査し、開発チームはゲームの内容をさらにパワーアップさせて行きます。そして、対応できた部分は新要素と共に次のアーリーアクセス版で反映されて行きますので、ぜひ楽しみに待っていてください。


まず最初は、ツーヘッドピッグ(仮名ね)。コンパニオンゲームPENNY BLOOD:HellBound のクローズドβ版が公開されている横で、町田は細く長く本編の構成をつづけているのですが、その中で汎用的に使えそうなザコが欲しくなって半谷さんにデザインしてもらったモンスターです。若干のモデル替え&色替え等のバリエーションを作りやすくしてもらいました。



こちらはPENNY BLOOD でマシューが足を踏み入れる数々のダンジョンの中でも最も重要で危険な場所になります。



私はこれまでも主人公の精神的な戦いを描いてきましたが、PENNY BLOOD でもその戦いが繰り広げられるのです。どんなドラマチックなシーンにできるか、今から気合いが入ります。




町田 松三



Penny Blood: Hellboundのクローズドβ、遊んでくださった方々ありがとうございました。




Penny Blood: Hellboundは、RPGに比べるとドラマ部分でのサウンド演出が少ないので、戦闘曲にドラマチックな要素を盛り込む必要があるのではないかと感じています。

最初のエリアの戦闘曲は、Penny Blood: Hellboundの世界への導入を意識した曲で、始まりの色合いや、最初のうちに感じて欲しいイメージを重視していましたが、それ以降のエリアは、曲中の展開も多く、より面白いものになって来ているように思います。





Penny Blood Hellbound Interim Update
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 10, 2024 at 01:02:16 AM

Hello! Just a quick interim update!

Backerkit Order Locking and Charges

If you are a new backer or have purchased additional add-ons via the Backerkit store you have probably received an E-mail asking you to finalize your order. In enabling Paypal to be used for the main campaign Backerkit page, we wanted to use the time to lock orders and charge cards for the current orders we have on hand. This pertains to both the Double Kickstarter and Hellbound titles. Any charge will be listed as Red Art since their payment account is attached to the project.

New orders are still possible but we’ll be handling any survey changes to previous orders manually so just send us an E-mail at [email protected] so that we can update your order.  Manual changes can still happen up until 3 months before shipping so there is still plenty of time.

Penny Blood Hellbound January 10th Interim Build

We mentioned some of the high-level changes to Penny Blood Hellbound but here is a specific list of the updated content. The goal will be to use the remaining Closed Beta time to fine tune the metaloop/store costs/damage amounts as we move towards Early Access in February. You can purchase the game from the backerkit link below:

Also, please note that when Early Access releases the price will increase from 20 Dollars to 25 Dollars with a new level and multiplayer modes dropping shortly so if you want to purchase it at the cheaper price you'll have until February to do so. As stated in an earlier update, Beta access will allow you to play the game throughout Early Access.

Change List:
-Voices added for player characters, bosses, and NPCs.
-Area 2 Normal battle music added.
-Shop BGMs added to shops in the hideout.
-Sudden mission timer now freezes during Ecstasy Skill activation.
-Fixed a bug where music stops when Steamdecks go into sleep mode.
-Fixed a bug where active skill icons disappear when skills are switched in the inventory screen. Skills can also no longer be switched in the inventory screen during battle.
-The Ecstasy Gauge can no longer be increased by bloodsurfing after clearing a stage.
-Recovery panel amounts and costs have been adjusted.
Free recovery: 7-9%
Paid recovery: 20-25%
Cost: x10 pennies
-Spike traps now do more damage.
-Fixed the bug where active skills can no longer be used when a character is resurrected by a skill.
-Currency now displays on the lower right corner of the screen if you stand still in the hideout for 1.5 seconds.
-Alchemical costs have been lowered by 100 malystals.
-Dr. Eugene’s mod lab costs have been lowered by 50 malystals.
-Damage has been reduced for the following skills: Sentinel Orbs, Malice Grinder.
-Various text and input bugs have also been fixed.

Natsume Atari Code!?!

Natsume Atari is a developer with a long history in games and rightfully so has their own "secret code". I wonder if this unlocks something on the title screen???

Xbox Controller:X, X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y

PS Controller:□, □, □, □, △, △, △, △, □, △, □, △, □, △, □, △

As always, please send us your feedback via the official discord or google form that you can access directly from the game menu. Thank you!




Backerkitストアで追加アドオンを購入された方、または新規バッカーの方は、注文の確定をお願いするメールを受け取っていただいているはずです。メインキャンペーンのBackerkitページでPaypalの使用を有効にするにあたり、カード決済のための時間をいただき、現在私たちの手元にある注文で一旦ロックしたいと考えております。これはDouble KickstarterとPennyBloodHellboundの両タイトルに適用されます。手続き用口座がプロジェクトに付随しているため、決済元の名称はすべて「Red Art」と表示されますのでご確認ください。

新規注文は可能ですが、今後は以前のサーベイによる注文の変更は手作業で行いますので、新規ご注文ご希望の旨を[email protected] までメールでご連絡ください。手作業での変更は発送の3ヶ月前まで承りますので、もう少し時間の余裕がございます。どうぞご検討ください。

Penny Blood Hellbound中間アップデートビルド

今回の「PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND」アップデートでの大きな変更点は以前にお伝えしておりましたが、以下は、さらに詳細な内容のリストとなります。2月のアーリーアクセスに向けて、残りのベータ期間でさらにゲームサイクル、ストアコスト、ダメージ量を調整する予定です。ゲームは以下のリンクから購入していただけます。













購入費用:× 10ペニー



アジトで立ち止まると 1.5秒後に所持している通貨を画面右下あたりに表示するように変更









Xbox Controller:X, X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y

PS Controller:□, □, □, □, △, △, △, △, □, △, □, △, □, △, □, △



January 2024 Update! Happy New Year!
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 05, 2024 at 04:45:00 AM

Happy New Year to everyone! We are brushing off the dust from 2023 and ready to focus on 2024! We hope you all had a restful vacation!

Campaign Updates

Survey, survey, survey!

We are currently sitting at an 87% completion ratio which is good but most Kickstarter's tend to get to 90% or more. If you haven't completed your survey, you can access it from this link:


The bot is done and we will be sending out roles for anyone who went back and re-entered their correct discord ID in the Discord survey question. Bot will do its thing starting on the 12th of January.


We mentioned that AppleID's anonymous E-mails means you cannot receive updates nor get the survey link. We'll have to go in through the backend and alter your E-mail addresses one by one so please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can adjust that.

Penny Blood Hellbound Closed Beta

We have received tons and tons of great feedback! Watching people find new builds to break the game is always a lot of fun. We know some people just want to play the game and not provide a bunch of feedback so we've got 3 polls in the fan-vote channel asking about the Active, Passive, and Weapon skills you like. It's a simple click of a button and really helps so swing on by and let us know.

January 10th Interim Update

As mentioned in the roadmap, we'll have some great additions to the Closed Beta:

・Area 2 normal battle music from Iwadare-san of the Lunar and Grandia Fame

・Interactive music that changes based on the situation

・Some new art

・Minor adjustments in costs of some of the upgrades


Contest and giveaway!

The contest and giveaway for the signatured boards signed by different Japanese voice actors is still ongoing. Put a photo of your clear screen in the discord contest channel and go to that giveaway channel and click participate for your chance to win! Everything will be decided on January 31st and announced in the next update!

Quick Callouts

We've approached over 100 media and 50 JRPG/roguelike content creators. It's always tough to find traction as a new title so we wanted to give a quick call out to some people who have covered the game's announcement and game play. As always feel free to stream the Beta or come play it in the Hellhounders Hideout voice chat channel on the official Discord

Hellfire RPGS:

Geemu Geemu:

Noisy Pixel:

Development Updates


It’s a new year now, but here is our project report from December. For the first time in a while, it’ll be brought to you by Kaneko.

ARMED FANTASIA 12/2023 Project Report


Happy New Year 2024! I hope you’ll all keep cheering us on this year.


Work has begun on the world map and town maps, and the quality of the landscapes has gone up.

As an example, objects such as cacti and undergrowth have been added to the world map, and we’ve added enough greenery as we can permit in a wasteland. There’s an abundance of data on the maps now. Wind blows over the ground and the shadows of clouds also slide across it, so there’s a lot of emotion to it.

Once you step outside of Ingram’s (one of the main characters) house, you’ll see a volcano in the distance that looks so menacing and imposing it’s almost comical. (It’s really unfortunate that I can’t show you the actual video)

It’d be like stepping outside the castle town of Tantegel only to see that the Dragonlord’s castle (the final dungeon) is right next to you. I haven’t been that surprised in a while.

Additionally, we’re gradually adding more reactions to the game, such as sand being kicked up when the characters run. As the controls are improved, we’re getting closer and closer to reaching full realization of “a JRPG that’s fun to move around in.”

Aside from the quality boosts in each map, we’re also working on white models for the underground area of a new map. Work has begun on dungeons near the middle part of the story, so it could be said that work is proceeding apace.

Concept Art

Work is also continuing on the concept art. The image we’re showing off today is the outside of a dungeon that appears in the prologue, which we’ve named: Trial Tower of the Tearless World.

Is this meant to be a trial in order to turn Londenium, the stage of our story, into a tearless world, or is there a trial here because it’s already become a tearless world? It’s a hard name to decipher, but it’s clear that this will be a tower that tests the player a great deal with repeated jumps and block pushes.

 Concept art of Trial Tower of the Tearless World


The base system used in this game’s battles is the Cross Order Tactics system, where enemy and ally turn order intersect with each other. You can interject your characters at certain points to break up enemy’s combos or use Force Breaks to deal massive damage. We’ve implemented the UI for this along with all the other mechanisms needed for battles, such as status ailments and elemental effects.

Even though it’s a highly strategic turn-based battle system, I realized that when you actually sit down to play it, there are a lot of things you actually need to look at, and it’s become a very detailed system with a lot of different elements to understand. How are we going to make this easy to play without moving too far away from our initial concept? This will be an important discussion point for me and the people in charge of the battle system going forward. My personal feeling is that the stars of normal enemy encounters are the player characters. I feel like things should be adjusted so that things center around satisfying victories earned from selecting commands that match up with the situation.


“Still writing. Still suffering at a good pace.”

…It’s become a tradition each update for me to write this, but I actually finished the vertical axis that comprises everything that can be categorized as the main scenario in 2023, and an end mark has been attached to it. Good work, me.

Still, I’ve only finished the first draft, so I’ll naturally be brushing things up in second and third drafts. And I’m sure that merciless edits will be made to the crazy parts that go beyond the limits of ethics and budgets.

Additionally, I still have the sub-quests to deal with, and since this is an RPG, there will also be town NPC lines and dialog changes when the player later returns to a town they’ve already passed through, so I don’t feel the least bit like I’ve actually finished my scenario work.

So I’m still writing…still suffering at a good pace…


The main scenario is finished for now, so we’re right in the middle of changing the temporary names/IDs of the towns and dungeons into ones that fit their finished forms. (Such as Trial Tower of the Tearless World, which we unveiled above.)

The nomenclature of all the maps are pretty much confirmed, so we’ve listed them up to check the balance of the names and adjusting things as necessary, especially when we notice several names that look too similar (due to habits). If the details change when the map is actually created, this naturally causes some names to not fit anymore, so it can take a surprisingly long time for everything to get 100% confirmed.

Speaking of names, I’m also in the middle of giving names to sub characters, key items, and other details that appear in the main scenario. I don’t really know how other writers work, but personally I don’t really decide the names of key items and sub characters before writing the scenario. Sorry if this is all a bit too abstract, but it seems that the part of the brain I use for scenario writing is different from the part of the brain I use for naming things, so I just can’t do both at the same time.

Therefore, I usually give things random names as I write the scenario, then give them proper names afterwards (or get someone else to name them for me).


Things have finally calmed down regarding the new character design work, so I’ve ordered our designers to work on advertising things as well as standing pose illustrations that will also partially be used in the game. Things are pretty much finished for the main six characters currently. But the unique characteristics of the weapons they use are also important, so an evil person requested to have each character wield an ARM as well. Compared to normal standing pose illustrations, this takes way more work, so please take extra care to check out those aspects when we eventually reveal them to you.

Kaiju designs, kaiju models, and kaiju motions are all being worked on as well. Reading that, it may seem like things aren’t progressing with the kaiju, but things are proceeding just like how they are with sub-characters connected to the story as well as NPC placement in towns.

Today, I’d like to reveal to you all the design & model for the private army soldiers led by the Iconocluster. They’re dissatisfied with how the world is being run by the Church of the Sacred Key, so after turning into outlaws, they approved (approved?) of the Iconocluster’s anti-church sentiments and joined up with them. Normal NPCs with common sense call them the “dregs at the bottom” and shun them.

Unlike the wild kaiju who roam around, they utilize intelligence and combos to stymie the main characters’ efforts. Their greatest characteristics are the illegally modified “bootleg” ARMs they use in battle.

Event storyboards are proceeding right along with the scenario work. We’re also creating new visual storyboards for Force Breaks.

Iconocluster soldier setting art & model



PENNY BLOOD Project Diary

Happy New Year, everyone.

There was no update at the end of 2023, so I posted a look back at 2023 on our Studio Wild Rose home page, and was surprised to see that this update would be happening right at the start of this year.

First off, I want to thank you all once again for all your concern regarding the effects of the earthquake that happened on New Year’s Day. Niigata Prefecture, where Studio Wild Rose is located, experienced severe quakes, but those were still light compared to what the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture suffered. As someone who lives in the same area, I can’t stop wishing from the bottom of my heart that those affected can receive peace and relief in both body and soul as soon as possible.

Now then, it’s time for this month’s Penny Blood project report…or at least, that’s how these things always go, but nothing much has changed from what I posted on our home page in December, so if you’re curious about that, please check out the Studio Wild Rose blog.

We’ll keep passionately bringing you news on both Penny Blood and Penny Blood: Hellbound this year, so please keep cheering us on. Now then, everyone, I’ll see you all again next month (or perhaps at the end of this month?)

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Hirota-san

Happy new year!

Thank you all so much for all the support and hope you all showed us last year. I’m going to do my very best again this year to deliver the best sound possible to you all, so I hope you’ll all keep cheering us on with just as much passion.

Last year was a very busy year. We developed the Penny Blood Walkthrough version, announced the production of Penny Blood: Hellbound, and now my sound work for Penny Blood: Hellbound is nearing its culmination.

Interactive music is planned to be implemented in the 1/10 update. In short, interactive music is music that changes in conjunction with the player’s actions and the situation within the game.

Back in the Shadow Hearts series, we made it so that the battle music would switch from the normal battle music to berserk battle music when your character went berserk. Due to memory limitations at the time, we implemented a system that used the instrument waveforms as-is and replaced only the sheet music data.

After that, thanks to developments in hardware and sound middleware, we are now able to do even more interesting things with the music. In Penny Blood: Hellbound, I’m pretty sure you can already hear part of this with the music in the hideout. Through player actions, the normal music will change into a different remixed version where part of the instruments that play in the hideout music during normal times disappear and different instruments start to play while synchronizing themselves in rhythm only.

In the 1/10 update, you’ll be able to hear even more variations in the hideout. I’ve also prepared interactive music for the battles as well: one of the changes will happen based on how full your Ecstasy Gauge is.

Throughout the rest of the development period, I’m going to work my hardest to use sound to make the game as entertaining as possible.

Before the update drops, I plan to do a stream about Penny Blood: Hellbound’s music and interactive music on 1/7, so I hope to see you all there.

Composition work for PENNY BLOOD(: HELLBOUND) vol.4

2024 Jan.7(sun.) JST 3PM-4:30PM

Please keep cheering us on this year as well!!


皆さん、明けましておめでとうございます! 2023年の埃を払い、2024年に集中する準備が整いました! 休暇はゆっくり過ごせましたか? 今年もよろしくお願いします。





ボットが完成し、サーベイに正しいDiscord IDを再入力した方にはロールを送信する予定です。ボットは1月12日(金)から稼働予定です。


4月のアップデートで、KickstarterにAppleIDでサインインしたバッカーさんはアップデートを受け取れず、サーベイのリンクも取得できないことをお知らせしました。該当する方はサーバー側のほうでメールアドレスを1つずつ変更する必要がありますので、[email protected] までご連絡ください。














Hellfire RPGS:

Geemu Geemu:

Noisy Pixel:



『ARMED FANTASIA』2023年12月プロジェクト月報







































本編でも一部使用を予定している 立ちポーズイラストの作業を依頼。






良識ある一般NPCからは、底辺の悪党(Gang of Bottom)と忌避されています。






『PENNY BLOOD』プロジェクト日記





それでは、今回のPENNY BLOOD プロジェクトの進捗報告をさせていただきます。……と、いつもはそういう流れなんですが、12月に弊社のホームページ掲載した状況から大きな進展もありませんので、気になる方は是非スタジオワイルドローズのブログをご覧ください。

本年もPENNY BLOOD とPENNY BLOOD : HellBound の状況を熱く伝えて参りますので、どうぞ、ご支援のほど宜しくお願い致します。


町田 松三




昨年は『PENNY BLOOD』Walkthrough版の開発に『PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND』の制作発表と、盛りだくさんの一年でした。そして『PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND』のサウンド制作は、まさに佳境を迎えています。



かつての"Shadow Hearts"シリーズにおいては戦闘中、自キャラの暴走により音楽も戦闘曲から暴走曲へと切り替わる演出がありました。当時はメモリの都合上、戦闘曲の楽器波形をそのまま流用し、譜面データのみ差し替えるというシステムで実装されていました。


『PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUND』において、すでにアジトの中で、その演出の一部を聴いて頂けるかと思います。あなたの行動により、通常時に再生されるアジト曲から一部の楽器が消え、リズムだけ同期したまま違う楽器が鳴り、異なったリミックス楽曲に変化するはずです。



アップデートに先駆けて、そのインタラクティブ・ミュージック演出や、PENNY BLOOD: HELLBOUNDの音楽についての配信を、1/7に行いたいと思っています。配信で皆様とお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。

Composition work for PENNY BLOOD(: HELLBOUND) vol.4

2024 Jan.7(sun.) JST 3PM-4:30PM